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Curbing Math Anxiety in children


Transitioning from basic to more critical thinking activities is of the utmost in a child’s learning journey. One of the subjects that require putting pupils’ analytical and critical skills to t…

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Preparing for School Resumption.

Here are a few tips that would help as you prepare for school resumption.

  1. Stock up on school supplies. It is always important to have all the children require as they are stepping into a new cl…

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Healthy Eating Habits for Children.

Teaching your children healthy eating habits and modeling these behaviors yourself can help them maintain a healthy weight, normal growth and sound mind. The eating habits your children pick up when t…

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2019 Reading List for Parents

As is the tradition at  Howbury School at the end of every session we release a summer reading list for parents. The reading list covers a variety of areas and topics and helps to promote the reading …

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