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Curbing TV Addiction in children

As children have been home for a long while, the likelyhood  of getting addicted to television is high.

Take this quiz to find out if your child is getting too much screen time.

Asides the health challenges that might arise from staying too long in front of a screen, if not curbed, this could become a negative addiction that would negatively affect a child’s life and character. Here are few tips to curb TV addiction in children:

1)    Choose age appropriate movies, shows, games together. There is a sense of ownership and responsibility that comes with being involved in making these selections.

In this instance, questions that would lead to insightful conversations would have preceded these choices. This way they understand that not everything ought to be watched.


(2)    Make a family media plan. Draft guidelines that include how much screen time is allowed, where (and when) screens can be used and what kind of media is acceptable.

This will help define your family values.


(3)    Set Firm Limits and be a Role Model. Be explicit about what is allowed and what is not. It is very easy to set limits for the children and forget to live out what we want the children to do.

Intentionally, follow through the same (or similar) guidelines you have set for the children. Let them see that what you have asked them to do is doable; they learn more by observing.


(4)    Watch programs, not just shows. Choose what to watch ahead of time, and then turn off the screen when program is over. This sends your children the message that watching TV should be an engaging activity, not just something to do when one is bored.


(5)    Watch together as a family. With the family media plan already made, make time to join your children during screen time. Focus on the program, engage them in conversations; you would be amazed at the perceptive discussions this could bring forth.




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