Howbury School Lagos

Preparing for School Resumption.

Here are a few tips that would help as you prepare for school resumption.

  1. Stock up on school supplies. It is always important to have all the children require as they are stepping into a new class. If you haven’t started shopping for school supplies, this is a good time to start. Take it few items in a day and before long you will be done. Get a list of the supplies the children will require for the new class. You may need to speak to a parent whose child has gone through same class to get a fair idea or better still, reach out to the school and get as much information as required.
  2. Take time to do a thorough review of the past term/ session. This will aid you in setting goals and making choices for the new term. Determine which clubs the children should join and where they require help.  Set goals for the new school year, share with the children strategies for achieving those goals and do not forget to remain committed to those goals.
  3. Draft a schedule with your children. Being able to foresee deadlines give children a sense of control over their lives. Start by discussing daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Agree on routines, school extracurricular and social activities, and other events that you and your child would like to pursue. The more input your child has about the schedule, the more likely they will be to adhere to it.
  4. Gradually end some holiday habits like sleep times, screen times, play times etc so children do not have much difficulty adjusting when school resumes.
  5. Have a resumption day mimic. A day before resumption, make the children wake up as they would on a school day and try getting ready for school. With this, you are able to know how feasible it will be to make it for school on the resumption day and as well make necessary adjustments.

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