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August 2022 Newsletter

Dear parents,
It has been seven whole weeks without the bustling presence of our dear students, they have been sorely missed.
We trust you have had a memorable bonding, restful and refreshing time with them.

Below are highlights of activities in August and a peep into the new School Year.


Holiday School
Tagged colors of talents, the Howbury 2022 Holiday School held from July 25th to August 19th. The program was fully packed with fun, adventurous and learning engagements for the students. Apart from Math, English and Science lessons, students had a Book Reading session, a mini Olympic event, Arts and Crafts sessions, Talents Show, Swimming and lots more. The climax of the program was a showcase on the final day where parents experienced first hand an exhibition of students' activities and creations for the four week period.
Take a look.



Senior Internship Program (SIP)
Howbury Senior Internship Program which is in its fourth year is tailored to create the perfect environment for young persons to explore various challenges around them, create and implement tech driven solutions. This year's program focussed on SDG 2: Zero Hunger- End Hunger, Achieve Food Security, Improve Nutrition and Promote Sustainable Agriculture.

We had 24 interns; the highest number since the program inception, work effortlessly to create workable solutions to the long existent problem of hunger within the African Continent. 

The interns were guided to pick a line of action in response to the challenge as Inventors, 

Innovators or Campaigners.
Due to the program duration, the interns were able to explore 3, out of the eight targets of SDG2.
Overall, the interns left the program more informed and as solution bearers.


School Resumption: Tuesday, September 6th 2022. We are excitedly waiting to welcome all students back to school.

  • Uniform pick up and fitting is ongoing. Kindly reach out to the School Office for your apparel needs.
  • All students are expected to wear the appropriate uniforms on all days. 

  • Hair: Girls' hair should be neatly woven and packed out of the face. Braided hiar should be kept in a bun. Only black extensions are allowed.Beads are not allowed. Boys' hair should be neatly cut, no punk, or cornrows. Nails should be short and neat without any coloration.


Refer and Earn- spread the word

Did you know that you earn a fantastic referral bonus when the family you referred to Howbury School enrolls? Hmm, now you know, hurry, make those referrals. All bonuses will be credited to your next bill.

Enrolment is ongoing into all classes (Playgroup to Year 9)

In the continuous quest to offer our amazing students a comfortable and motivating learning space, an additional space has been added to the existing ones. We are excited about this addition and can only wait to welcome all students back to school.  

Beyond the structure and to improve the quality of service delivery to you and the students, our diligent teaching and non teaching staff have gone through a series of Continuous Professional Development (CPD) programmes as well.


Christmas Term at a glance
Meet the Parents- September 9th
New Parents Evening- September 13th to 16th
Independence Day Celebration- September 30th
Parent Education Program- October 15th
Half Term Holiday: October 24th to 28th
Academic Evaluation: October 24 to 25th 
Anti bullying Week: November 14th to 18th
Christmas Showcase: December 16
End of term: December 16
And lots of reading, learning and fun activities.

For each of these programs, you will receive specific details on attendance and program structure.

We cannot sufficiently relay how much your support will contribute to a successful school year, it is our plea therefore, that you help us by gracing all parent events with your distinguished presence, reinforcing learning at home, upholding school values and processes, offering prompt feedback and seeking clarifications when in doubt. Together, we will keep positioning these young ones strategically for global opportunities.

Thank you for reading through, it is our prayer that God Almighty will continue to  bless you and your household, Amen.

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