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January 2021 newsletter

It’s a new year and we are very excited to welcome you to 2021.

Oh 2020! That was one year that went down as one of, if not the most historic year ever.
We say thank you to our parents who worked with us all through the year, managing the inconsistencies that characterised it. From having physical classes in the early months of the year, moving fully to virtual lessons at home and then keeping up with extra sanitary measures of using face masks, face shields and providing sanitizers.
As for our teachers, thank you too for working with our parents to help our pupils navigate those tough times.
Once again, like the French would say, Merci Beaucoup
A popular saying is said about Africans having a bad maintenance culture. Oh well, maybe true, but we are different at Howbury School. In the light of starting the new year strong, we gave the school a new look as we worked on several of its parts to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional for our pupils

Can you identify what changes were made in the picture shared above? 
We make such improvements to reassure ourselves that, as reflected in the image we need to make a positive difference today to achieve a better tomorrow.

Do you Know?

You will give the answer to that correctly, obviously. Yes! Howbury School is a decade strong and we marked the achievement of that feat in January 2021.
In January 2011, we started off as an institution of learning offering only Creche services and ten years after we have grown and developed so much to providing Nursery, Primary and even Secondary education.  
We appreciate all our stakeholders and ask that you continue to be with us as we aspire for more years of delivering quality education.

Our Pupils

we made sure to welcome them with specific classroom door decorations. Check out these inspiring words used to describe our pupils in Year 3 class: STRONG, RESILIENT, FLEXIBLE and COOL. Like we always note, our pupils are at the centre of what we do, so


If you look properly, you’d find names of pupils on the door decoration of this other class. These names were put all over the door to imbue the pupils with a sense of belongingness.
Tech in Howbury School: A big deal or a norm
Still on culture, as part of this month’s newsletter we’ve got a featured article written by one of us. The article is about Technology in Howbury School and very interestingly, the writer used an analogy of Elon Musk, a highly recognised modern radical thinker who leverages tech too, to gain his world stardom. 

Read the full article here.

Does the first impression really matter? Read what some teachers who joined us newly following our expansion had to say
This term, we had new members on the team. We got some of them interviewed just before they were fully placed into the classrooms after they underwent intensive onboarding/induction sessions for a week.  
Here are what they had to tell and catch a glimpse on how prepared they are for the impact-filled journey ahead: 

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The bi-weekly rubric and its benefits for learners, parents and the school
It is one thing to teach and another to assess whether learning has taken place. Both of these must always happen together in order to measure progress in the forms of growth and/or development.
One time, a teacher at Howbury School shared an experience of his surprise when a pupil noted how her parents got to learn that she was not visiting the library as much as her twin did which led to her being scolded. 

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The Global High Impact Secondary School (GHISS) Program

Howbury School as an organisation was established with a burning passion to deploy its skills and knowledge in helping to better the lives of young children thereby making them worthy adults who will be able to navigate the challenges of life. We will always stay true to this commitment. It is our purpose first before the bag.
The ability to overcome challenges in the education ecosystem is what motivates our reasons for taking up new ones, thus our desire to always do better than yesterday.


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The impact of the covid-19 pandemic on teaching & learning and how we have adapted as a school
The COVID-19 pandemic has had everyone’s jaws dropping. It made 2020 one exposing year. Exposing? Yes! That’s the word.

Arguably, there are three sectors that have been buzzing all through due to how much of and fast changes are happening in them. Such changes are not just those that are surprising but have been neglected and affect community development nationwide.

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Important dates for this term

Last month, shortly before vacation we had our first virtual Christmas party in our different classes. No thanks to covid-19 placing restrictions on a lot of social activities. 2020 as already noted was a roller-coaster year but did not stop our pupils from partying even if it seemed very different from the ones we used to have where we were allowed to share treats and participate in several interactive games. Still, in our individual corners, we vibed to some good music in our personal spaces. What better way to end one tough year.
We hope that this year be good. Through this month’s newsletter which is the first for the year, we inform you of dates when important events for this term will be held. Unless changed, which will be communicated even if so, all these dates remain true: 

Parent Education Program (PEP) will be on Saturday 13th March 2021.

Half Term Holiday begins Monday 22nd February 2021 and ends Friday 26th February 2021.
We will have our 
Open Day for the Nursery Section on Tuesday 23rd February 2021.
That of both 
Primary and Secondary Sections will hold on Wednesday 24th February 2021.  

School vacates on Thursday 1st April 2021.

On a final note, we implore that WE all begin this term and year pumped up by this quote shared by Christopher Rohn, pasted somewhere between Year 1 and Year 4 classes - ‘‘You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think.’’   


Until the next month’s newsletter, do have a happy read.    
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Thank you.

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