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October 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the October edition of our Newsletter. It has been a wonderful term so far despite all hitches encountered, the resilience which Howbury school is reputed for has kept us moving forward.

Post Covid in-school resumption came with a myriad of changes in the school system; the immeasurable support from our indefatigable parents has made the easing in process flawless. 

We have continued to observe all precautionary measures to curb the spread of Covid-19. It is our firm belief that the remaining part of the term will be hitch free.

Meet the Parents (MTP):
One of the things we believe in as a school is that raising a total child requires the collaborative effort of the home, the school and of course the child. At the start of every school year, we make time for Meet the Parents. MTP was instituted in furtherance of our commitment to an excellent home/school partnership. 

We sincerely appreciate all parents who made out time to attend the 2020/2021 Session MTP (virtual). Slides for the MTP have been shared to all parents; kindly send a mail to if you did not receive the slides for your child’s class.

Preschool Resumes in-school learning:
With much thrill and excitement, we have welcomed our Preschool jewels back to in school learning. It’s soul lifting seeing the preschoolers  learn with so much fun as they are accustomed to.

Year 6 pupils begin morning classes:
In preparation for exit from Primary School and entry into Secondary school, Year 6 pupils have commenced morning classes to further boost their mastery of key learning concepts. We sincerely appreciate all parents that have ensured pupils arrive early to attend these classes. Together, we will support our Year 6 pupils towards a smooth transition to Secondary School.

Adjusted calendar:
The abrupt school closure due to the #endsars protests have necessitated some adjustments in the school calendar.

Please note the following new date:
Parent Education Program(PEP): November 21st
Specific details for this event will be duly communicated.
Covid 19 Protocols:
Once again, our heartfelt appreciation goes to all our esteemed parents who have ensured that pupils arrive at school with the required items specified in line with curbing the spread of Covid 19. Kindly take note that the school is not relaxing any of the protocols specified by the Government and health authorities. As a reminder, all Secondary and Primary pupils are required to arrive school with the following items:
  1. Three(3) face masks(clinical masks are preferred)

  2. One (1) face shield

  3. Hand sanitizer

  4. Facial wipes

  5. Writing materials

All preschoolers are to arrive at school with a face shield and writing materials. The school still maintains the No Mask/No Entry policy.


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As you sail through the pre-Christmas month, be an ocean of positivity and remember that a great way to attract positive energy is to feel a deep sense of gratitude.


Thank you.

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