Howbury School Lagos


At Howbury nursery school, we have five educational group and children are placed in group based on age and academic ability

  • Crèche: 3month to 18months
  • Playgroup: 18months +
  • Pre-school 1: 2years +
  • Pre-school 2: 3years+
  • Reception: 4years +

Each class (except crèche) has a class teacher who teaches all subject areas except French, Music and ICT. A class teacher is assisted by a class aide to achieve the class objectives. The basic criteria for class placement are pre- assessments and attainment of mandatory age by the 15th of September.

We adopt the British Early Years Foundation stage ( EYFS) curriculum and principles in the Nursery. We see our pupils as naturally competent and resilient learners, also we acknowledge the uniqueness of each child with the understanding that children develop and learn in different ways and pace, and that all areas of learning and development are equally and inter-connected. Our Nursery classes offer a safe, caring learning environment, which promotes physical, mental, and emotional health well-being, with good communication skills as part of the core curriculum. We have a strong focus on developing key Literacy and Numeracy skills, aesthetic and artistic abilities and interest and a general knowledge and understanding of the world. The core subjects offered in the preschool are Literacy, Numeracy, Communication and Language, Understanding the World, Personal, Social and Emotional Development.