Howbury School Lagos


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The preschool comprises the crèche and nursery section of the school .

We offer a blend of the Nigerian national pre-primary curriculum and the English Early years foundation stage (EYFS) curriculum. In line with the EYFS, the educational programme and learning goals covers four themes and  seven areas of learning: three prime areas and four specific areas

At Howbury Pre-School we believe that play underpins all development and learning for young children and it is through play they develop intellectually, creatively, physically, socially and emotionally. Therefore we provide planned experiences based on children's spontaneous play both indoors and outdoors. 
In the preschool: we have five educational groups, children are placed based on age and academic ability. The basic criteria for class placement are satisfactory performance at school readiness/placement test and attainment of mandatory age by 15th September 
Each class (except the crèche) has a class teacher who teachers all subject areas except French, music and ICT. A class teacher is assisted by a class aide to achieve the class learning objectives. 

Primary School

At Howbury Primary school, we are committed to the development of sustained shared thinking by offering encouragement, clarifying ideas and asking questions which support and extend children thinking and help them make connections in learning .

Our curriculum, a blend of Nigerian and English national Primary curriculum: is broad and varied offering a range of both academic and cultural subjects. Assessment is an integral part of the learning and development process and we carry out regular assessments both during the term and at  the end of the term . We have an assessment and reporting sheet which measures your child progress against set learning goals. Assessments are used to identify learning priorities and plan relevant and motivating learning experience for each child . 
We work closely with parents to identify learning needs of children and provide quick response to any area of difficulty. We also share information with parents and offer support for extending learning in the home.
The primary school enrol pupils from age 5+ . Children are placed in class according to age and academic ability, although children are placed in class according age and ability each child is taught according to their stage of learning as children are developmentally diverse.