Howbury School Lagos

Howbury Schools offer a caring and nurturing environment for all children, promoting academic excellence as well as providing an exciting and varied curriculum in order to foster a love of learning so that every child can achieve their full potential.

How do we identify children who need extra help?

  • Continuous and routine Teacher assessments/observations are carried out
  •  Communicating and coordinating with previous school/s
  • An open door policy that encourage parents to discuss child's development and progress. 
  • Screening and Evaluation for Learning disability where needed

How do we create Learning and Development opportunities for Individual children needing extra help?

  • Our teachers always differentiate
  • Pupils who need extra help are offered one on one intervention classes 

How does Howbury School support children with SEN?

  • Where appriopriate Individual learning plans, Educational and/or Behavioral are drawn up in liaison with the school Learning Support Coordinator, School manager, Parents and External Agencies 
  • The School's Learning Support Coordinator oversees all support and progress of  children with SEN in liaising with their Class Key workers.