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2021 Senior Internship Program

Theme: Sustainable Living

The Senior Internship Program (SIP) at Howbury School is now open to ambitious and qualifie…

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February 2021 newsletter

February, oh February!
The month when the celebration of lo…

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January 2021 newsletter

It’s a new year and we are very excited to welcome you…

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October 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the October edition of our Newsletter. It has been a…

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September 2020 Newsletter

Welcome to the September episode of our Newsletter.

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Welcome to the August episode of our Newsletter.

With a …

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Welcome to the July episode of our Newsletter.

July came just li…

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Welcome to the June 2020 episode of our newsletter  

Radiant, s…

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May 2020 Newsletter


The beautiful month of May popularly termed the month of love and success was all shades…

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April 2020 Newsletter

It has been weeks fraught with many hitherto unpopular terms; Lock-down, Shut down, Stay at home, Social distancing, Qua…

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2019 Holiday School

The 2019 Holiday school commenced on the 29th of July 2019 and will run till August 23rd 2019.  There is a primary and p…

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