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Making the Half Term Break count


The Half term break elicits varying emotions for parents. For some it is a relief from the early morning rush for school prep and runs, and a great time to spend quality time with the children. Another group of parents dread this period; the thought of keeping up with the children breeds anxiety as they struggle to meet up with the many demands the children will have. Whichever group you fall into, we are excited to let you know there are a myriad of options to creatively engage the children, maintain your cool, bond with them and have them return for the second half of the term with much vigour and enthusiasm.


  1. Discuss school, homeworks, tasks: it is understandable that this is break time, however, make conscious effort to discuss school activities with your child. Find out how their school days are spent, who their friends are, their favorite activities, subjects, and any concerns they may have. You will be amazed at how much discovery this discussion would lead to. Armed with their feedback, offer as much support as possible in the tasks assigned for the break. 

  2. Assign each child a task to complete: assign age appropriate routine tasks to your child and watch them get busy with these. Set rewards as incentives for the task completion. These tasks could be activities they would usually derive pride in achieving. While they are busy with these, you have more time for yourself and other things. 

  3. Reward their efforts: these rewards do not necessarily have to happen only when they have completed the tasks. Each success step should be rewarded as we believe that the steps taken and efforts made are often more important than the final outcome. Rewards could be granting their wishes, allowing them to play their favorite games, visit their friends or favorite places, making their favorite meals. These will spur them to make further efforts.

  4. Create a routine: this routine could be slightly flexible to suit daily demands. Infuse fun, learning and engaging activities that the children always look forward to.  

  5. Read to and with your child: reading to children helps stimulate their imagination and expands their understanding of the world around them. It also helps them develop language and listening skills. Let your child derive these benefits while you read to and with them.

Here is wishing all our pupils a fantastic Half Term Holiday, we look forward to welcoming all pupils back on June 14, 2022. 

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